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Stanza Privata
Stanza Privata41bis rue de Stalingrad
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875,00 €
675 €
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La stanzaCodice di riferimento FR-18-004-001-03

This room within the 9-bedroom apartment offers a charming and compact living space. It's a small bedroom with an intriguing mezzanine level, providing a unique and efficient layout. This room is fully furnished,  

9 sqm.
Writing desk & chair
140x200cm mattress


This delightful townhouse offers a harmonious blend of modern living and cozy comfort. Nestled in a charming neighborhood, it features a welcoming courtyard at the street-facing entrance, providing a tranquil outdoor space. The ground floor is thoughtfully designed, with a well-equipped kitchen that seamlessly connects to the inviting living room bathed in natural light. Convenient amenities include a laundry room and toilets on this level. Additionally, at the rear of the house, there's a communal outdoor area, perfect for socializing and relaxation.

244 sqm.
9 bedrooms
Fully equipped kitchen
Shared Terrace
Shared Bathroom

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Rue de Stalingrad 41bis, located in the heart of Paris's 93100 area, is nestled in a bustling and dynamic neighborhood. With its proximity to the vibrant city center, residents enjoy easy access to an array of restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions. The streets are lined with charming cafes, boutiques, and markets, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere. The neighborhood also benefits from excellent public transportation links, making it a convenient hub for exploring the beauty and culture of Paris. Rue de Stalingrad 41bis offers a perfect balance of urban excitement and accessibility, making it an ideal location for city living.

Shared Terrace

Montreuil, situated just to the east of Paris, is a charming and culturally rich neighborhood that offers a unique escape from the bustling city center. Known for its bohemian atmosphere and artistic spirit, Montreuil has become a haven for artists, musicians, and creative minds. The streets are lined with colorful murals, quaint cafes, and vintage boutiques, creating a vibrant and eclectic ambiance. This neighborhood also boasts an abundance of green spaces, including the beautiful Parc des Beaumonts, where residents and visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls and picnics with panoramic views of the city. Montreuil's diverse population contributes to its multicultural flair, making it a melting pot of different cuisines and traditions. With excellent public transportation links to the heart of Paris, Montreuil offers the perfect blend of a serene suburban escape and easy access to the cultural and culinary delights of the French capital.

41bis rue de StalingradParigi, Montreuil

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Informazioni sulla cittàParis, the iconic City of Light

A city that needs no introduction, Paris is home to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and many more gems. Explore the charming neighborhoods of Montmartre and Le Marais, discover the city’s unique restaurants and cafes, and enjoy some time along the Seine. Choose your preferred accommodation and start your adventure in Paris!

Foto di PARIS

Why book with Habyt?

With a mission to provide accessible housing everywhere for everyone, Habyt has revolutionized the co-living and housing rental model. We provide a seamless experience, offering fully furnished, private rooms or apartments in over 25 cities across Europe, North America, and Asia, with all costs included in the rent to avoid any surprises.

Why move to Paris?

Paris is a truly global city with a diverse and multicultural community, offering plenty to see and do. The city has a thriving nightlife and culinary scene, and is well connected to the rest of Europe, offering an amazing opportunity to visit other major surrounding cities.

Where to start?

Get familiar with the neighborhoods, cost of living and amenities in Paris. Depending on your nationality, check the visa and residency requirements for moving. Ensure you have the necessary documentation to live and work in Paris legally. Reach out to local communities, attend events, and join clubs or groups to start building connections.

Where should I live in Paris?

While the center of Paris offers many unique and charming neighborhoods, the suburbs of the city are also a great option for those moving to the French capital. Both located in the

petite couronne,

Ivry-sur-Seine and Montreuil are two suburban areas closely located to Paris and well connected to the city center, making them convenient locations for your next big move.

Rooms for rent available in Paris

With Habyt, renting a room in Paris is easy, flexible, and convenient! Our private bedrooms are fully furnished from day one, making your move to your new home as smooth as possible.

Non hai ancora trovato la stanza dei tuoi sogni?

Con Habyt puoi trovare un alloggio più velocemente di quanto tu possa immaginare ! Non esitare a contattarci e ti aiuteremo a trovare la casa giusta per te.

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875,00 €
675 €
Al mese
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