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Habyt doubles down on Italy by acquiring Milan-based Roomie

Habyt doubles down on Italy by acquiring Milan-based Roomie

Berlin and Milan, March 2022 - An agreement has been signed in recent days for the acquisition of the entire share capital of the Milanese start-up Roomie by Habyt, the European leader in co-living, founded by the Italian Luca Bovone. Habyt thus adds over 800 units to its portfolio, with the aim of doubling its size in Italy by the end of the year.

After closing the € 20 million Series B in July 2021, Habyt continues its growth through M&A. The most recent acquisition was that of Homefully, - which has brought the portfolio to over 6,000 housing units, rooted in 15 cities, including Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon and 6 countries - slightly preceded by the close ones of Goliving, Erasmo's Room and Quarters.

‍The spotlight shifted to Italy, identifying Roomie, the start-up founded in 2016 by Alessandro Urbani and Filippo Ronfa, the best player to support growth throughout the peninsula, aiming to extend Habyt's presence also in other hub cities. , such as Turin (where Habyt is already present, as well as having three properties in Milan), Bologna, Padua and Florence.

"The agreement with Roomie was immediate: the innovative management and user experience they built for their customers is exactly complementary to ours," comments Luca Bovone, CEO and Founder of Habyt. “The management style of Filippo and Alessandro, who will continue to drive growth in Italy, is the same as that of Habyt: just think that for them too the difficulties imposed by the pandemic have been brilliantly overcome to strengthen growth. Being Italian, I can only be doubly happy with this new important milestone in supporting our growth. Roomie is the best partner we could identify ”.

‍"The meeting with Habyt makes us proud: it is like seeing our creature quintuple the resources available and the know-how" comment the two founding partners of Roomie, Filippo Ronfa and Alessandro Urbani, who in Habyt Italia will respectively cover the roles of General Manager and Head of Expansion, and who benefited from a multimillion dollar exit. "This acquisition enhances our assets, expanding Habyt's portfolio to offer a unique living experience to even more customers on a global scale, allowing all members of this large community to easily change homes in cities, countries. or different continents ".

Founded in 2017 in Berlin by Luca Bovone (formerly Dropbox), Habyt develops and markets innovative all-inclusive housing solutions for co-living and student housing, in an end-to-end digital experience.


Founded in 2017 in Berlin by Luca Bovone (ex-Dropbox), Habyt is one of the leading co-living companies in the sector in Europe. To date, Habyt operates in 5 countries: Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Habyt's mission is to provide its members with the best possible living experience, through design, community and maximum transparency. What Habyt offers are fully furnished and ready-to-use rooms and apartments, all based on an end-to-end digital experience.

For more information: www.habyt.com


Roomie (brand of Fisenar S.R.L.) is an Italian start-up of real estate management part of the Elite project of the Italian Stock Exchange. Founded by Filippo Ronfa, Loris Tessari and Alessandro Urbani, Roomie immediately distinguished itself in the co-living sector for its ability to innovate the rental sector by spreading an innovative format, in an area that has always been characterized by traditionalism and rigidity. Its target is twofold: the financial community and investors, interested in enhancing their real estate assets with certain and safe returns; and young professionals and university students thanks to co-living formulas typical of the great European capitals. Roomie is present in Milan with a portfolio of around 800 housing solutions.

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