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Habyt introduces 'Habyt Flex', pioneering the concept on flexible living

Habyt introduces 'Habyt Flex',  pioneering the concept on flexible living
  • Constantly striving for innovation and new standards, Habyt is introducing a new generation of flex living with Habyt Flex.
  • Offering thoughtfully designed buildings with modern units and top-notch amenities, where residents and travelers alike can stay for one day or months on end, work and live, Habyt Flex brings a new level of flexibility to the hospitality industry, adapting to the demands and desires of today's individual.
  • With four properties already under the Habyt Flex umbrella – The Waterfront in Berlin, Cantonment and Owen House in Singapore, and Austin Avenue in Hong Kong – the company plans on soon expanding its Flex concept to other cities worldwide such as Madrid, Málaga, and Milan.

BERLIN, Germany, February 6: Habyt, the world’s leading flexible housing provider, is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking category in flexible living – Habyt Flex. This new product marks a departure from traditional hospitality models, and it is meant to accommodate new emerging trends in the living sector.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of how we live, work, travel, and connect, Habyt Flex aims to encapsulate the most relevant and recent societal trends. The rise of job hopping and the preference for remote work, especially among younger generations, is expected to increase the demand for multifaceted spaces prepared to satisfy several needs at the same time, breaking away from convention and offering a dynamic, adaptable and non-traditional experience.

Properties within the Habyt Flex concept are designed to answer these trends and offer an integrated lifestyle experience, combining essential amenities under one roof and allowing for both short and long stays. Facilities such as gym, wellness center, and working areas are complementary to the residential spaces, ensuring that residents have everything they need within easy reach. Additionally, multiple shared areas are purpose-built for fostering social interactions and networking opportunities. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of modern living is conveniently accessible to residents.

Luca Bovone, Founder and CEO of Habyt, reflects: “The introduction of Habyt Flex came from an internal realization that labeling these innovative spaces simply as hotels does not capture their essence. We are excited to unveil Habyt Flex, a true embodiment of our commitment to evolving living experiences in line with the dynamic needs of the modern world. This expansion is more than just a change in our services. It represents a pivotal shift in our vision and paves the way for a new era, where travel and living see their boundaries blended. We warmly invite everyone to join us in this transformative journey, as we redefine what it means to experience short-term accommodations.”

Habyt Flex has already made its mark in cities such as Berlin (The Waterfront), Singapore (Cantonment and Owen House) and Hong Kong (Austin Avenue). Soon, this concept will extend its reach to other global destinations, including Madrid, Málaga and Milan, with more cities on the way. The expansion showcases Habyt's dedication to bringing Habyt Flex to various communities, providing a preview of the future of flexible living and emphasizing the company’s commitment to adapting living spaces to modern needs.

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